Nonwovens micrometer

Micrómetro textil no tejido

Nonwovens micrometer

Sensitivity 0,01 mm
Measuring capacity 12,5 mm




Digital measuring instrument for the textile industry. Lever action. It allows to know the thickness of different "nonwovens" textiles. The term "nonwovens" represents those textiles that are produced by joining by mechanical, thermal or chemical processes, but without being woven and without it being necessary to convert the fibers into yarn.  

More information

  • Determination of the textiles thickness according to the standard UNE EN ISO 9073 section 5.1
  • Maximum measurement deviation: According to DIN 878, ISO R 463
  • Measuring pressure: 0,5KPa +/- 0,05 KPa
  • Measuring surface: 2500 mm2